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When a retailer discounts your book, you still make the same amount on every sale. The ... April 17, 2016 - Greetings from the tail end of RT Booklovers in Las Vegas. We had a fun ... ALLi). About 36 self-publishing experts will share their smarts about professional ... Sales from them will show up ... ·

Sale alli in Las Vegas at a discount

Paypal and the credit card companies always side with the customer, not the seller of the product. Stop by and say hi!  We updated our edelivery features!  Hot on the heels of new dropbox edelivery feature from a few weeks back, this week we enhanced edelivery again by adding email delivery of purchased ebooks. Just for the record, lest you think we think unpleantantness and insanity is a common affliction among smashwords authors, its not.

The new york times did a front page story on how the doj win hands competitive advantage to amazon. Case in point  today at we updated the delivery preferences chart with new rules for tolino. As of this moment, the smashwords blog now links to 36 participating smashwords authors.

Weve all heard ebooks are great for short form writing (true!) but theyre also great for long form too. Yet i also believe that amazons business practices deserve closer scrutiny, and id support a federal inquiry that examines all sides of the issue. One smashwords author reported an easy fix open your pages-created file in microsoft word, save it as a word.

Our annual read an ebook week promotion is coming march 6  and will go through march 12. On july 6 i floated a crazy idea of doing a north american smashwords road show. Show your solidarity and prove to the world that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Its summer in the northern hemisphere, and winter on the southern end of the globe, so what better excuse than to have a sale for beach reads and fireplace reads. What can you do to prepare?  Now and in the next couple months leading up to the all-important post-christmas holiday period would be a good time to run some free promotions to rev up your readership and sales rank at ibooks to capture new readers who will be discovering the ibooks store for the first time. Barnes & noble will be processing updates throughout the holidays, but please expect delays.

Is your book languishing in the state of pending approval for a week or longer? It may mean you ignored some of autovetters error messages. Romance authors and publishers can learn more about this exciting book marketing opportunitiy at the where we made our formal announcement. Now amazon has the solution with here at smashwords, weve always viewed free ebooks as a powerful and effective marketing tool for authors. Smashwords author has launched a blog to profile indie ebooks from christian authors. Paypal which means we sent out payments as low as a penny.

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Sale alli in Las Vegas at a discount

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Sale alli in Las Vegas at a discount Its tough to believe that smashwords has grown to 11 employees now, up from three a year ago, Between 2am and 3am pacific time tonight (technically tomorrow) well have a brief outage for maintenance, during which time we might show you a cute kitten napping. Apples launch of their new ios8 operating system is scheduled for september 17. The first wave will be offered to smashwords authors who have earned over 2,000 across our distribution network since first publishing at smashwords. See my free ebook, , for comments on why a professional ebook cover image is so critical to a books success. Your customers at sony will have ample opportunity to backup their purchases. html. I think this is a rare problem, but its smart to remain vigilant. In my several months of conversations with them, im impressed by their enthusism and commitment to support smashwords authors. Tag spam harms other authors by making their tags less relevant and less discoverable. Thanks for your patience as together we improve the capabilities of all smashwords ebooks for the benefit of you and your readers. As of the afternoon (315pm pacific), book cover and ebook files were accessible to us and our users again.
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    Apple ibookstore, her books have received nearly 25,000 ratings, averaging over four of five stars. Fun in a truly fun way, not fun in the irs sarcasm sense. Also thanks to the ibookstore team for giving indie authors a seat at the merchandising table. Sanders, hal elrod, jamie mcguire, geri glenn, brenda kennedy, julie wetzel, emma chase, melissa wright, chanda hahn, skye warren and shayne parkinson! As a follow-up to my june 3 note below, an update  our friends at b&n have corrected the glitch. Well ship a few thousand, then we and kobo will check the results.

    This information goes directly to our founder mark coker and our chief technology officer, bill kendrick. The first step is for smashwords authors and publishers to flag their box sets as box sets. On saturday, given the option of paying all earnings at the 31-day mark or delaying two days (still before 40-day cut-off) to properly incorporate the retail sales into your dashboard, we opted to pay early, even though it meant that hundreds of authors received more money than their dashboard showed them they were due (this is because we hadnt integrated the b&n sales reports into the dashboard yet). In preparation for this and other library initiatives, sometime in the next few weeks well add a new pricing option to dashboard settings that will allow smashwords authors and publishers set special pricing for libraries. We also added new price range filters, and new book length filters (short, medium, full and epic).

    It seems theyve also stepped up the aggressiveness of their automated price-matching. There are two reasons for this for your own security, it verifies your identity to us, so that unauthorized persons cannot request changes to your account. At the come say hello!  Here are some upcoming events for authors near denver, new orleans and new york city. Each year, thousands of smashwords authors and publishers participate in this fun month-long promotion which celebrates summer reading in the northern hemisphere and winter reading in the southern hemisphere. On september 6 at 930 am eastern, im doing a two-part teleseminar with the , based in the u. A bug caused the dashboards of multiple members, including some members who havent even published books, to suddenly show they had sold three books on monday. If youre opted in to our kobo channel (and everyone should be!), your books will automatically flow to these new stores after they launch. Its self-serving for me to say this, but although their pubit (now called nook press) direct platform has been successful, i wonder if the millions of dollars and thousands of hours of attention invested in their direct platform would have been better focused on the business of selling and merchandising books. Thanks to all the authors who alerted us to these strange line items in the apple reports. Several times a week we receive an email from an author who tells us their friend bought their book at apple (or b&n or another retailer) yesterday or last week and they want to know why the sale isnt showing up in the sales & payments report.

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